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    Bowling Stones notched first place at the Stilton Corporation’s Bowling Tournament last September 28 at the Playdium Bowling Center, Quezon City.

    The winning team rolled a consistent effort of 1,602 pinfalls that secured their place at the top spot. Salonga (251), Baltes (197), and Guiterez (185) showed focus and consistency until the last game assuring the team’s win in the tournament.

    Mortal Pins came in second, compiling a total of 1,338 pinfalls, beating the Elbow Benders who had an aggregate of 1,390. Placing fourth are the Bowl Movements who garnered 1,103 pinfalls.

    Aggarao bowled a string of 4 strikes which resulted to an impressive clean game against Salonga (251) and Manabat’s good yet not enough to win score of 223.

    “I just enjoyed the game and played without any pressure. So I didn’t expect to get the highest score,” said Aggarao who rolled 292 pinfalls after 10 frames, positioning himself as this year’s MVP.

    The event aimed to give the Stilton employees a fun breather from work, also capping off the year’s company activities.

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