Kitchen Fire Suppression System


Certificates and Standards

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Automatic Fire Protection Systems by Lehavot


Electric and gas-operated cooking appliances in the kitchen use large amounts of flammable ingredients and are in particularly high danger of ignition and fire outbreak.

The WCK Kitchen Fire Suppression System is an automatic pre-engineered system; designed to protect the kitchen area including ducts and plenums, as well as all cooking appliances such as deep fat fryers, woks, griddles, salamanders, chain broilers and more.

This system caters to the needs of both small and large kitchens such as those in hotels, restaurants, hospitals and public institutions.

Features and Benefits

System components

Technical Parameters

System Coverage Capabilities

System Type Cylinder Number of Flow Points
Minimum Maximum
WCK 6 6.4L 1.68 Gal 2 5
WCK 9 9L 2.3 Gal 5 7
WCK 16 16L 4.2 Gal 7 12
WCK 20 20.5L 5.4 Gal 12 16
WCK 26 26L 6.8 Gal 12 20
WCK 16 + WCK 6 (chain) 12 17
WCK 16 + WCK 9 (chain) 12 19
WCK 16 + WCK 16 (chain) 20 26

Appliance / Coverage

Appliance Flow Points Max width (cm) Max length(cm)
Deep fat fryer 2 46 71
Range 1.5 50 80
Wok 1 31-60 dia. 9.5-17 depth
Griddle 2 76 122
Salamander 1 37 65
Chain broiler 0.5*2 63 92

Agent Properties

Appearance Clear, colored liquid
Storage Life 12 years
Refractive index 1.39-1.41
Freezing point -40°F [-40°C]
Specific gravity 1.14 g/cm3
Kinematic viscosity 3.2 cs @ 25 °C
PH 7.0 - 9.0
Cylinder color RAAL 3002
Water solubility Completely Miscible