Itron Gas Meter

Model: G40 Gas Meter

Delta Meter

Delta meters are designed to measure natural gas and various filtered, and noncorrosive gases. They are used when very accurate measurement is required, when the gas fl ow can be low or irregular.

Due to the volumetric principle of the Delta meter, its metrology is not influenced by installation conditions. Consequently, it can be used to build very compact stations without installing a straight pipe inlet before the meter.

Delta meters are approved for fiscal use.

"A" Series Gas Meter

Model: 400A

These meters use proven, time-tested diaphragm meter technology in a 3-chamber design to provide accurate measurement across their respective flow ranges. Long-life and low maintenance are assured by the combination of a self-lapping orbital valve, single convolution diaphragms, and lubrication-free bearings. Attention to design makes them compact and lightweight for their capacity ratings.