Algas SDI Vaporizer

Algas Torrexx

Torrexx defines the industrial standard for dry electric LPG and NH3 vaporizers. A robust 135amp rated contactor provides power to the heating elements. The modular temperature controller allows easy maintenance or replacement. In the event of a “high liquid level occurrence,” our proprietary Liqui-Safe Valve™ prevents liquid LPG from passing downstream of the vaporizer. The valve provides visual indication of activation. This allows easy troubleshooting and assures the end- user the device is functioning properly.

Algas Zimmer

Zimmer is comprised of an electrically heated aluminum heat exchanger, packaged within an aesthetically pleasing, UV protective thermoplastic resin enclosure. The entire vaporizer assembly weighs approximately 65 lbs (30 kg) and is fully self-contained. To say Zimmer is easy to use is an understatement.

Algas Zimmer II

Zimmer II uses an electrically heated aluminum heat exchanger to vaporize liquid LPG. The target market includes people and places where economic constraints previously limited their product options. Zimmer II provides trouble-free LPG vapor — day-in and day out. And does it at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods.