Sister Company of PYCOR Incorporated

Passion Drives Results

Passion is the driving force of our business. We feel sense of urgency when it comes to matters related to our customers. Everyday, we endeavor to outwork, out-innovate and out do ourselves so that we can serve our customers better. We work hard to inspire bold results and are not satisfied with average.

Key Business Lines

Kitchen Suppression System LPG Gas Lines and Regulators
Automatic KitchenFire Suppression systems Gas Lines
For Restaurants and Homes Meters(Gas, Liquid,Oil)
Regulators (Commercial/ Industrial)

Our Greatest Assets

Pycor/STILTON believes in the value of SYNERGY- that all of us are smarter and better than any one of us. Success lies in our ability to mix and match our talents and synergize these to realize our fullest potential as a team. We work hard everyday to deliver customer service, align innovation and service standards and meet operational excellence to deliver above and beyond performance that exceeds customer expectations. We invite diversity and out of the box thinking, surround ourselves with dreamers, doers, thinkers and believers and together, we make the DREAM work!

Our Vision

PYCOR/STILTON is the leading marketing and distribution arm of renowned Pest Management and Liquified Petroleum Gas multinational companies around the globe spanning a national reach across the 7,100 islands of the Philippines serving approximately 20,000 customers each year. More than 90% of Pycor’s customers are business enterprises whose businesses we help transform.

Our vision is to promote a clean, healthy and safe environment to allow our partners in the industry to play, work and win BIG. When our customers engage in their respective businesses without worrying about pests, disease, fire and LPG leaks, we know we have done our job extraordinarily well. Because we transform customer confidence into a level when they can engage in their businesses without worry, we are able to help our customers scale their ideas bigger and bolder. Anytime, anywhere, Pycor keeps our partners worry-free and secures them with a hassle-free experience.


We take action anytime and anywhere we are needed even if it meant skipping meals because we love to help. We perform without excuses and complaints and measure ourselves against only one degree of commitment – FULL and TOTAL, ensuring that results are rooted in sound judgment and passion. We keep pushing ourselves to achieve extraor dinary results. To us, there is no failure but only feedback.


Team Pycor/Stilton is our family of employees, customers and suppliers. Having a shared goal and unifying together to achieve this is the core value that joins all the different parts of Pycor together. We believe in making everyone in the team win and we work hard to foster trust and unity among our partners and people. We work hard to knock down physical, emotional and even psychological barriers that are stopping our people from accomplishing their goals.


We don’t sell products, we create relationships. To do this, we make sure we connect with our customers and people on an emotional level through words, behavior and action that foster respect. We expect our people to win, keep and retain suppliers and customers through behaviors that will mirror the way we live this value internally as a company. At Pycor/Stilton, we believe in second chances, thank you’s and I’m sorries. We foster love and laughter. We make mistakes and engage in respectful ways everyday.